Conference 2011, Boston, USA
October 15-16, 2011

Note: We have cancelled the Beijing Conference-2011


Knowledge Sharing for Organizational Effectiveness: With Emphasis on

Global Supply Chain,  and Economic and Social Aspects of Poverty

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Call for papers:
We invite papers on topics related to the following tracks
Global Supply Chain, Technology Applications, Small Enterprises, Management Issues, Ethical and Moral Issues, including Management and Accounting and Finance, economic and social issues, Education, and Regulatory issues

 Deadlines for submission 
Submission deadline is September 1, 2011

Proceedings and Refereed publication
Papers presented in the conference will be published in a proceedings book and selected papers will be blind-reviewed to publish in the Special Issue of Journal of Knowledge Globalization. 

Conference Fee
$250.00 For International participants
$150.00 Full time students' discounted rate

Suffolk University, Boston, USA
Knowledge Globalization Institute, USA


Who Should Attend

Potential participants include academic scholars, practitioners, and business leaders from business and not-for-profit organizations, government, and economic development organizations  from all over the world, representing diverse professions, disciplines and cultures. Advanced level unversity students are welcome.

Objectives of
Knowledge Globalization Conferences 

   1. To include scholars and academics from all over the world in  knowledge globalization conference
   2. To expand opportunities for sharing knowledge between developed economies and emerging economies
   3. To expand participation in the new social, economic, and organizational dynamics
   4. To offer opportunity to the  host institutions to expand their global vision
   5. To create opportunities for scholars to publish blind reviewed articles in the Journal of Knowledge Globalization, a peer reviewed journal published by the Knowledge Globalization Institute
   6. To explore multinational educational opportunities
   7. To provide directions to a new long term strategic visions
   8. To organize senior management seminars and effective teaching seminars
   9. To encourage faculty exchange
  10. To encourage students exchange
  11. To promote joint research  and co authored publications
  12. To encourage cultural exchange and develop amity among countries
  13. To assist in the economic development of all nations

For more formation on the conference in Bangladesh and Boston, contact: Dr. Mawdudur Rahman, Conference Director at


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