We perceive globalization to be the continuing effort by the peoples of the world to interact and share in the pursuit of their objectives transnationally.  In this context, the objective of JKG is to promote the sharing of knowledge globally. To give it more focus, we consider our domain to be that of promoting knowledge that is multidisciplinary and global in intent. 

 By multidisciplinary, we mean drawing on the theories and knowledge of more than one academic discipline while addressing the motivating question(s) of the manuscript and similarly relating its applicability across disciplines. By global, we mean drawing on the research and experiences or more than one country, and also the applicability of the conclusions of the paper across several countries.

 We encourage manuscripts that are both conceptual and empirical, but directed at individuals in decision making roles in organizations. Manuscripts need to be grounded in the theory of one or more disciplines and derive implications for practical application. Thus, we look for rigor and relevance. 

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